Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

I created this website a little less than a year ago. I made it to write about adventures and travelling, but I was cheating. I was writing from the comfort of my massage chair (yeah, I know that’s cheesy but I never plugged it in. It was left in my apartment by a friend who was moving to another city. Um, I think that’s enough about the chair and this parenthesis thingy anyways).

Now, to the point: I finally came to the conclusion that for the very survival of this website, I would have to once again take to the seas and the sky and experience some new adventures first-hand. So, I made up my mind, quit my job, and put a true effort in. That’s right, I am leaving the United States permanently to go travelling the world and write about it here!

My first stop is New York and I am leaving LA on March 15. I picked NY for a special reason. The genius Baz Luhrmann tells of New York in his song about life and lessons. Apparently, you need to live in Norcal but leave before it makes you soft. Not feeling too soft but lived kind-of-there, so check. Baz also instructs to live in New York but to leave before it makes you hard. Now that is a challenge I will take on, so the first leg of my epic journey starts there.

Bon Voyage and make sure to make every day of your life count!

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