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Laos Part II of III: Shrooming in Vang Vieng

Shrooming in Vang Vieng It is easier to find mushrooms/drugs in Vang Vieng than to find an actual pharmacy. Wherever you go there are special menus offering opium cigarettes, opium teas, mushroom milkshakes, mushroom teas, plain mushrooms, weed pizzas, weed milkshakes and even a dangerous combination milkshake with all three ingredients blended in at once. Once you […]

Bad Habits How to Play Laos Southeast Asia

Laos Part I of III: Tubing in Vang Vieng

For many backpackers, Laos exists for one purpose only: tubing. Tubing in Laos holds a mythical reputation for being the most dangerous and extreme activity one can do in Southeast Asia. More travelers die from tubing in Laos than anywhere else in Southeast Asia with the official death toll currently at around 25 tourists per […]

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I Found the Best Dumplings in Shanghai

Everybody knows that you get the best dumplings in Shanghai.But where in Shanghai? Believe it or not, I found a place that actually has them. These guys know what they’re doing even though they work out of a hole-in-the-wall that looks rather dirty. Don’t let the looks scare you away however, it is what’s on […]


Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

I created this website a little less than a year ago. I made it to write about adventures and travelling, but I was cheating. I was writing from the comfort of my massage chair (yeah, I know that’s cheesy but I never plugged it in. It was left in my apartment by a friend who […]

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Top 5 Adventure Destinations in California

If you’re looking for an adventure in California, look no further than the outdoors. Besides death-defying excitement and adventure, the California outdoors are also great for stag parties to send anyone into life as a married man. Having an adventure in California virtually guarantees beautiful weather during the summer season. Here are the top five destinations […]

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Language Barriers – Surviving Total Miscomprehension

Traveling means seeing new cultures, and seeing new cultures means submerging yourself in new languages unless you’re really playing it safe. We don’t play it safe on ADVENTURE: How-To and this guide is about surviving in complete miscomprehension. Once you take the leap and insert yourself into uncomfortable and incomprehensible situations, you will find that surviving […]


Japanese Eye Test

This is completely random but it actually works. It was sent to me by a friend and I thought it would be funny to post here.   Can you see what it says? If not you should probably go out more. Pull on the side of your eyes so they become slit and the text […]

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Things to do on Koh Phangan

There are many things to do on Koh Phangan besides the Full Moon Party. Travelling there by night boat and bus from Phuket is by far the coolest thing you can do and it will immediately set you apart from the comfortable travelers who fly to Koh Samui and take the boat from there. The best reason to go by […]

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Beginner’s Guide to the Full Moon Party

No matter how many parties you have been to, chances are slim that you have been to a party like the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand. The Full Moon Party occurs 12 times per year (duh) and although there is the occasional Half Moon Party, it is the Full Moon Party you should bother visiting […]

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How to travel to Koh Phangan for $20

There are many ways to travel to Koh Phangan but only one that is worth writing about: going by land and sea without buying a tour package at the airport. Of course, you could just hop on a plane to Koh Samui and take the boat over to Koh Phangan, but where is the fun […]